A gentle flow of 20 Illustrated
Yoga movements designed to
enhance physical and mental
"Satori,  I want to write you and express my
deep gratitude for introducing me to yoga and
seyoga. It has been the perfect compliment to
my workout routine and my personal journey of
growth and self awareness.  You combine the
perfect mix of exercise and spirituality.  The
ability to workout and also relax and expand my
mind was certainly something that I did not
expect to find. I highly recommend seyoga to
anyone who wants to find balance and growth
in their life.  Thank you so much
".  Tim Love,
Market President Humana
Seyoga, L.L.C
Patent 61/058,686
Seyoga promotes a personal spiritual experience that is far more beneficial
and enlightening than the actual physical exercise.

Seyoga is a system of yoga poses that will allow you to become more aware of yourself.  
Every pose is designed to work on specific areas of your body by activating circulation
to stressed muscles and organs.  This  improved circulation will  help generate health
throughout your body.

Feeling good is not just about eating healthy and exercising; it should also include how
you see yourself, how your mind creates the image of you.

Seyoga is a tool to guide you to a positive self awareness and self realization,  will help
you to slow down and create relaxed silent personal space of Serenity to experience the
love within your heart grow. -
Do It Yourself Illustrated Yoga Towel
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"If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter
the house of his wisdom,  but rather  leads you to
the threshold of your own mind."    – The Prophet
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The Serenity Flow illustrated in this 62 page Book is a gentle flow of 20
effortless yoga movements designed to enhance physical and mental
relaxation. Physical, Mental and Spiritual awakening tools.
An energizing flow of 20 movements
designed to promote weight loss,
physical strength and flexibility
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Life
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