Our vision is to share the power of Seyoga as a tool for a healthier lifestyle.
Now everyone can experience the joys of Seyoga anytime and anyplace
Satori... A State of Enlightenment

Seyoga was developed through victory over my own personal Physical, Mental and Spiritual life challenges.

Physically my body weight had been like a roller coaster ride, gaining weight and loosing weight, up and down. After
experimenting with the intense cardio of spinning, cycling many miles a day, going on every diet out there to lose weight
and stay trim, I found no physical discipline   worked better than regular Seyoga practice.

Seyoga created inner strength and the breathing played a major role, not only in keeping my body trim but enabling me to
deal with my anxiety and depression.  Seyoga also provided a renewed awareness in many areas of my life. Most significant
was the sensitivity to vibrations of certain foods in my diet. It was a wake up call recognizing how many of them adversely
affected me physically and mentally.

This awareness also lead to an understanding of how important my thoughts were and how they affected my physical and
mental health. I was able to positively reprogram myself. .

Seyoga wishes to awaken those who seek a healthier lifestyle and share with them how they too can live a life of bliss.

Let's raise the vibration of humanity together and live in a state of Satori now and forever.    
Seyoga from Satori
Satori’s Wish:
HONOR MOTHER EARTH, respect and be
kind to nature, please!
I AM Satori a Lover of Life, I AM a
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Ready for a New You?
Satori Journey is a 21 Day detox
program designed to guide you through
a Physical, Mental and Spiritual journey
towards a healthier and more peaceful
lifestyle. Some of us  will invest more
$$ in our cars than the most important
vehicles on Earth - OURSELVES!
"Satori, you certainly are an extension of the
'source' of energy that needs to reach so
many of us! I can’t thank you enough for
sharing your 21 day journey, It has truly
changed my life. With much love and
gratitude "
 - Bill Leonard, Italy
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Satori“ is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, and
personal life coach. She is a gifted light worker skilled in Reiki and Shamanic healing arts.

As the founder of Seyoga Illustrated Products, she has been able to positively enrich the lives of
many. Her unique balanced approach to life has allowed her to joyfully share the knowledge of
Physical, Mental and Spiritual transformation.

She is the author of over one hundred published health related articles, several books, DVDs
and audio CDs on natural stress relief, weight loss, children’s yoga, and natural lifestyle change.
Jah – this sacred name is the activating
force which can unite the infinite
speciehood and the infinite mind.
Visualize and Meditate on the word Jah
Dr. J.J Hurtak

Jah comes from the words Hallejulia
and YHWH
Seyoga - Its a workout for your
Mind, Body and Spirit- Satori
I am sure you are all wondering how Seyoga Illustrated began and the inspiration behind the creation.

Yoga has transformed my life in so many ways and helped me deal with my challenges; well nothing can compare to the challenge my
brother Simeon Ebedes 42 years had encountered. After being diagnosed with Dermatomiositis, an autoimmune disorders in which the
skeletal muscle is damaged by an inflammatory process dominated by lymphocytic infiltration.

Everything health wise went downhill from being a marathon runner to ICU in no time. I got my brother all the yoga DVD’s on the market
just to get him moving his body and start breathing properly, which was  a real challenge as his organs started giving in.

I remember putting the Yoga DVD’S in this hospital room movie player, he got very upset with me and shouted “ Satori- how the hell am I
suppose to do that, they all look  healthy, I can never do yoga” he got very irritated and frustrated with me and said “ why don’t you just
put the stupid pictures on the mat for me”

So that is what I did I put the pictures on the mat. I researched the two most common issues people are faced with today – Stress and
Weight Loss that is how the Seyoga Serenity and Power sequences came about.

As for Simeon he is 95% healthy and is still practicing the poses I put on the mat for him. Seyoga is named after Simeon Ebedes “Seyoga”,
not sex yoga like most of you twisted folks think, lol.

I am so grateful to have found such a powerful tool to help the people I love.

Looking  forward to sharing the power of Seyoga with you and our world. – Satori Ebedes
Feel the Joy
Simeon Ebedes
Seyoga, L.L.C
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