The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that U.S. Employers lose about $70 billion a
year due to the absenteeism, lost productivity and disability caused by mental distress.

America's No. 1 Health Problem
Recent national work related surveys have found 80% of workers feel stress on the job and half of those report their
job as very or extremely stressful. One quarter of all workers view their jobs as the number one stress in their lives.
Employee stress is more strongly associated with health complaints than financial or family problems
What employees say about the effects of work related stress:

       62% routinely find they end the workday with neck pain
       44% reported stressed-out eyes
       38% complained of hurting hands
       34% reported difficulty sleeping because of stress
       30% of workers suffering from back pain
       28% complaining of "stress"
       20% feeling fatigued
       13% with headaches.
Seyoga Serenity offers a low cost per
employee illustrated "Do-It-Yourself"
technique that promotes a calmer, more
peaceful attitude
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Time-tested postures to enhance  employee quality of  life

        A tool to assist in the quieting the mind
        Decreases stress, anxiety, and depression
        Calms emotions
        Promotes weight loss
        Releases tension and lowers blood pressure
        Improves sex drive
        Strengthens muscles
        Tones every part of the body,
        including the internal organs
        Improves concentration and creativity
        Energizes your system
        Creates inner strength
        Improves balance and flexibility
        Decreases pain from inactivity
        Eliminates toxins in the body and boosts immunity
        Improves digestion
Nearly 50% of workers say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42%
say their coworkers need such help. These workers are hungry for a quick de-stressing
or stretching technique that can be done at their desks without alarming their
co-workers or during a short work break.
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