Thank You for your Interest Seyoga for Corporate Wellness
“An analysis of results by
various firms shows that a
“wellness programme”,
including yoga, meditation,
massages, reflexology and other
calming activities produces a
return of USD 6.15 dollars for
every dollar
invested over a six-year period
for Coors Brewing Co; USD 5.80
for office furniture maker
Steelcase Inc., USD
5.52 for Equitable, and USD 3.40
for Travelers Corp., now part of
-The Washington Post.
Seyoga Serenity offers a
low cost per employee
illustrated "Do-It-Yourself"
technique that promotes a
calmer, more peaceful
. The illustrated
towels and mats can be
customized with your
company logo and color
for added awareness of the
corporate support for
health and wellness.
We look forward to contacting you soon to discuss your Corporate Wellness or Promotional Initiatives and arrangements for a Free
Serenity Sample. In the mean time feel free to contact us directly at:
Seyoga, L.L.C.                Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA        954.261.0550
We offer volume discounts and can tailor our Illustrated Towels and Mats to meet your unique program requirements.
Again, Thank you for your interest in Seyoga Free Evaluation Offer