General Public $25/$40 per class includes access to our indoor baths(bathing suit required)
Saturday 10am to 12pm
Your experience will begin with Don Schneider merging science and
spirituality during his amazing blend of education, meditation, and
yoga that will open your mind, activate your body, and bring them
together again. Don will get your juices flowing and prepare you for
Satori's journey.
Participants will learn how to balance their six senses of mind and
body energy through a discipline based on the most effective parts of
Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini yoga. Satori Yoga will challenge
the beginning and long time practitioner with a physical series of
asanas accompanied by pranayama, aromatherapy, visualization,
mantra chanting and healing vibrational sounds from her "third eye"
crystal bowl.
Allow Satori to awaken you to a newfound sensitivity through a
guided vision quest in the beautiful Hammam
Saturday 2pm to 4pm

In the perfect garden setting you'll be empowered by guest speaker Don Schneider, Founder of Relive, as he shares his wisdom on living a healthy
lifestyle and his focus on how quantum physics plays an integral role in our lives. You'll gain understanding of your emotional body through
pranayama and releasing unwanted emotions with the assistance of Satori's Shamanic Healing Ritual. Gently you will be guided through a
rebirthing exercise and gain a deeper understanding of our body's 7 energy centers or Charkas. After Falling into a deep meditation we will be using
the power or our imagination to awaken a new self
Sunday 10am to 12pm

Our Sunday practice will begin with an invigorating Satori Yoga Session, accompanied by a fun partner massage, as we learn to captivate the
power of healing touch.
Participants will be blessed with world renowned singer ASHLEY RUIZ from Here II Here band. Profound moments of Spiritual Awakening will
overcome us as Ashley invites listeners to deeply investigate the source of the Self. As Ashley once put it, "Peace and love are closer than
anyone could ever think."
Allow Satori to maximize your yoga benefits and master the secrets of enlightenment.

Trudy (Satori) Ebedes, RYT200
Trudy is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher; she is trained in Reiki and Shamanic
healing, and the inventor of the Seyoga Illustrated which has enabled her to positively transform the
lives of many.
She is a humanitarian born in Namibia, South West Africa and her light journey began in her early teens when she discovered
the power if meditation. The root of her spiritual understanding evolved from studying Hebrew and Kabbalah in Israel.
Trudy's unique balanced approach to life has allowed her to joyfully share the knowledge of Physical, Mental and Spiritual
transformation. Her focus in on encouraging her student to go within and embrace their own Divinity.
A portion of Satori Journey Proceeds will go to support and their programs to promote nutrition and physical
activity to low income children in South Florida